Sand Mandala by Tashi Kyil Monks

Location: Jordan Hall of Science Reading Room

Tibetan Buddhist Monks At Nd 2013

Continuing the ecumenical monastic tradition begun between Trappist monk Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama, the Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine has invited the Tashi Kyil monks to create the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala to recognize the common goal of compassion among all spiritual traditions and philosophies in the response to suffering.

The Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala will be done in particular to honor the compassion of people working in healthcare and anyone who dedicates their life to making the world a better place.

Upon completion, the Sand Mandala is dismantled to symbolize the impermanence of all that exists.

All are welcome to observe this intricate process and spend time with the monks.

These events will also be livestreamed, so you can check in on the intricate process of creating the sand mandala from any location. 

Opening Ceremony

Monday, November 6 at 10 am followed by the mandala creation until 5 pm

Monks create the Medicine Buddha Sand Mandala

Tuesday – Thursday

9 am – 5 pm

Presentation about the Tashi Kyil Monastery and the Dalai Lama

Tuesday, 7 pm in Room 105 Jordan Hall

Closing Ceremony

Friday, November 10 mandala creation 9 am - closing ceremony at 4 pm followed by procession to procession to Worl Peace Plaza

Watch the livestream.

Sponsored by the Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine and the Ansari Institute for Global Engagement with Religion.